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A short guide to Ireland's Eastern Region

The Eastern Region of Ireland provides the visiting angler with a wide range of top quality game, pike, coarse and sea fishing venues. Its strategic location close to major airports and ferry terminals means that quality angling is only a one-hour drive away. This enables visiting anglers to maximise their holiday and angling time.

Salmon, sea-trout and brown trout fishing are available on a choice of rivers throughout the region. These include many excellent rivers within easy reach of Dublin.

There are also many excellent coarse fishing venues in the eastern region and these present great opportunities to the coarse angler. The Lakeland districts of Cavan, Monaghan, Meath and Westmeath boast hundreds of lakes in beautiful rural surroundings. There are no shortage of specimen fish in these many and varied waters.

The extensive coastline from Carlingford Lough, with its terrific Tope fishing; to Wexford with its fighting Bass, Smooth Hound, and winter Flounder offer fantastic opportunities for all categories of sea angler.

Kilmore Quay in South Wexford is home to an extensive charter fleet who fish the rich fishing grounds off the Saltee Islands for Pollack, Ling, Codling, Wrasse, Conger, Bass, and Tope. Kilmore is also home to the annual small boats festival held every year in September.

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Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council – Amendment of 1998 Beach Bye Laws Governing beaches at Killiney, Seapoint & Corbawn Lane

DLR County Council are proposing to restrict angling to designated areas on Dublin’s South Coast under their draft beach bye-laws 2007. The ERFB accompanied this submission with support letters received from Failte Ireland, the Dublin Angling Initiative, the Central Fisheries Board and local youth community groups. In addition, the ERFB supplied samples of relevant brochures, promotional materials, photos of the World Surfcasting Championships and previous press cuttings relating to competitions in the area.

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Fishing Ireland's East Coast

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