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06 February 2007

Angling Report – Corkagh Park – 31st January 07

There is great action on the trout lake at the moment. Top angler Ray Harris was on the lake recently and had a great day's fishing - his best fish was lost at the bank after playing it for 15 mins (estimated at 20+lbs).

Our Italian friends (Luca and Pepe) and local angler Brian were over at the fishery on Tuesday. They had a great day. Luka had over 40 fish in what he describes as "his most enjoyable Tuesday ever!" It was Brian who landed the fish of the day - a cracking 12lb+ Rainbow, which took an Orange Blob pattern. Pepe also had some great sport, however he lost his best fish of the day which by all accounts was an absolute monster.

The Trout lake was stocked recently with 200 Rainbows averaging 2 lbs.

Marc O’Regan, Pike & Trout Guide

31st January: Matthew McInerney from Manchester a regular pike angler to Ireland breezed in for a spot of fishing and in two days had the miraculous draft of fish. Many doubles and a big number of singles in the two venues visited so far this week. A very circumspect angler who enjoys catching a few fish on a days outing however his big thrill is working it out and talking about it afterwards in the bar. I expect that he will have a cracking day again tomorrow. His solution for this kind of weather is to fish slow and believe you me it works.

The third day of fishing saw little change to the trend small fish on the move and again the same tactics working. Water temperature low at 39 fah and a cold air temperature had bigger fish in a very quiet mood and when they feed it is fast and furious offering the angler a very small window of opportunity. We need 3 to 4 degrees of a temperature rise to get some more activity,bigger pike take longer to warm up than the smaller ones something that you must keep in mind when looking for a good fish. Despite the conditions Matthew managed to catch and release a couple of good fish over the few days testimony to the accomplished piker he is.

Pat McLoughlin – Pike & Trout Angling Guide

31st January 2007: Gordan Buttle, Adrian Critchley and Son Jordan contacted me to go pike fishing. Gordan fished with me last year and had some nice pike to about 20lbs, but the elements were against us this time. These were hardened pike anglers and understood the difficulties that lay ahead.

On Saturday 20th January, I encountered the worst possible conditions for piking. Gale force winds, reaching storm force 9, run off from heavy rain and water temperatures at 40 degrees led the lake to be in complete turnover, a real stay at home and watch the DVD day. Sunday was not much better, with winds easing but varying North to North East and temperatures dropping to 38 degrees. Fishing was very slow as expected, with only the occasional tentitive hit, a real sign pike were just not interested.

However, we managed to induce 3 solid takes, which resulted in pike of 5lb, 9lb and 15lb.



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