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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Rain slows fishing

By: Marc O'Regan -

Heavy rain over the past week slowed down trout fishing on the Boyne and I presume on most rivers. This was not the case on the midland lakes where we had some excellent fishing all be it on the sound advice given by one fly fishing guru Paddy Isdell from Mullingar, many thanks for that.

Two French gentlemen Maurice Ramade and his life long friend Pierre Rietzler had some nice fish to 46 cms on the lake and 35 cms on the river. The Boyne was too high to fly fish on Tuesday last ,so lake fishing was the alternative and this worked a treat. Throughout the week hatches of BWO were good and the sedge appeared during the day but little in the evening. May fly continues to hatch on the Boyne and again I observed trout feeding on them.

Green Peter is not far away and I expect that the midland lakes will fish well mid July on this sedge especially with the recent fresh water.

Photo of Maurice ( right)and Pierre 158 years between them.

Corkagh Park Report

Godfrey Donohue -

The trout lake has been fishing exceptionally well with Ray Harris (local
angler) catching. He had 18 nice fish on buzzers and similar. Brian Ward, from Clondalkin, caught 13 trout on a hopper. With the overcast weather and the breeze - it makes for great fishing. Junior angler, Dean O'Connor also had a good bag of fish - 13 in total. Best fish this week was a 13 lb coming to John Daly on a Daddy.

The carp lake has produced some lovely carp with Aidan Deegan catching 8 nice carp on his last session to 9lbs. Barry Mellon has caught his first Bream on the lakes - close to 7 lbs. Declan Muldoon has also had some nice carp to 8lbs and many other anglers are catching reasonably well.

Sunday, 1st July 2007

Trout Report

Pat McLoughlin –

June started off with water tempretures reaching 73 degrees and levels were very low with the Summer still to come. When the rain did arrive it was with strong easterly to northerly winds and the occasional heavy thunder storm. Within 3 days water temp droppen to between 56 and 60 degrees and levels rose enough to really freshen things up. Many fish were recorded throughout June with just the odd poor day due to cold gale force easterly winds preceeding heavy cloud bursts. At the moment the levels are pretty high but running clear and trout are feeding well on their usual menu.


One notable capture from first time fly fisher Nicholas Francois was a lovely deep set fish of 2lb+ on his second day ever flyfishing, on his first day he recorded 15 trout to 32cm, all on dryfly.

Four pikers two guides

Pat McLoughlin –

Marc and I had 4 pikers from France for a few days on some of the lakes in the north east. Fishing started off slow on the usual venues which was fully expected due to a combination of factors. They don't like sudden major drops in water temperatures, too much fresh water and cold gale force easterly winds. Each factor effects pike but when you have them all together, they shut down completely. However, on one of our less known lakes we did find some fish willing to have a tentative go at some of our offerings which resulted in a lot of hookups mainly from fish of 6lb to 20+. Half the hooked fish were off after a few aerobatics, but the fish boated were very welcome indeed in such conditions. For the two days action we managed 4 fish of 1m to 1m 6cm and lots of low to medium doubles. One fish lost was easily in the high 30s as the stiff jerkbait rod bent double from the take and never relented as the fish moved away like a slow submarine.

Myself, Eoghen, Bruno, Daniel, Michel, and Marc,

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