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Fishing Ireland's East Coast

11 May 2007

Trout Fishing Report

By: Pat Mc

Karsten Brix fished with me on Saturday 3rd May. The weather changed from near troical conditions (2 days rain in 7 weeks ) We faced high winds and a sudden drop in temperatures. The fish were rising on and off through the morning and early afternoon and we managed to land a few mostly to dryfly. Karsten's best two fish were 38 cm and 40cm. and I landed 13 fish to dryfly, mostly between 25 and 30 cm with 3 at 35 cm.  Later I took a walk along the river and saw a huge trout estimated to be at least 6lb. The weather for the coming week will not suit fishing this monster, but I know where he is, so watch this space. Below,Karsten with a 35 cm wild brown trout prior to release.



I took Paul Jewkes from South Africa to the Blackwater for a days fishing on Saturday 28th. Water levels were low and the sun shone the entire day. A few insects hatched in the late morning and we saw a few fish rising but conditions made it difficult to entice the trout to take. Paul managed 5 small trout to dryfly and missed 3 nice fish for his day. I think it was tough to see the small rise patterns and therefore was a little too slow setting the hook.

It's still early season with not much fly life showing so far.  


Marc Feldman fished with me on the Blackwater for 2 days. Conditions were difficult due to a persistant cold north wind blowing more or less in our faces for most of the time. Hatches were very sparce as you would expect and not much surface activity was observed. Marc persisted and was rewarded with around 35 fish for his two days, mostly small, but also had some nice fish of around 9 to 13 inches. April can be a difficult month for dryfly a lot depends on weather and water conditions, but when a decent hatch appears, dryfly can be very rewarding. Below Marc fishes a stretch on the Kells Blackwater.


Pike Report

Marc O’Regan, Angling Guide –

On the day France gets a new President Mr Sarkozy, Alban Rostan (12) from the same country catches a twenty pounder in Ireland.Yesterday saw a break in the weather after 5 weeks of sunshine and very settled conditions, sudden change is no guarantee of immediate success. Heavy rain and strong wind usually cause turnover and this has the effect of moving the players about, pike go deeper and bait fish move about feeding on tasty bits stirred up from the bottom.

Alban with Dad Pierre and uncle Michel decided that that fishing for Irish pike might be a good idea and a much needed break away from racing ( horses) and so this little adventure began. Far away from the glam and glitter of the race track  to breathable waders, water proof coats and life jackets our party set off to do a spot of fishing. Four fish in all were caught to a total weight of 48 lbs, 3 of which were caught by Alban. Unable to communicate with humans it still must have been a surprise for the fish to see this young man at the end of things, remarkably the pike were very quiet. We fished in the East Cavan area from mid day to 7 pm, no pattern emerged other than a couple of light triggers. On this day of the final round of the French Presidential elections a young fisherman was born. 

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