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Performance Contract


The Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources


The Central & Regional Fisheries Boards

1. Parties to the Contract

This performance contract is entered into between the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources (the Department/DCMNR) and the Central & Regional Fisheries Boards (C&RFBs/the Boards). The following terms and conditions apply.

2. Duration of the Contract

This contract will be for an initial (rolling) period of 3 years and is deemed to commence on July 1st, 2006. New targets will be agreed and incorporated into the contract on an annual basis and will be subject to available funding and staffing resources. 

3. Background Information

The Central & Regional Fisheries Boards were established under the Fisheries Act 1980 and the Fisheries (Amendment) Acts 1987 to 2003. 

The Regional Fisheries Boards are broadly responsible for:

The Central Fisheries Board is responsible for:

In its Statement of Strategy 2005 to 2007, The Department has committed to the following goals and objectives:

The parties to this contract are committed to the pursuit of these objectives and will work in partnership to support the achievement of related outputs and outcomes.

4. Performance Targets

The Boards are committed to the achievement of the following performance targets:


Develop, agree and implement costed and clearly defined (i) organisational change, (ii) efficient service delivery, (iii) management development and (iv) stagiaire programmes which meet the particular requirements and operating circumstances of the Boards. Report on progress towards the achievement of related objectives and key performance indicators to the Department on an annual basis.

Restructuring of the Inland Fisheries Sector

Fisheries Advice to the Minister

The foregoing represents the priority measurable performance indicators which the Central & Regional Fisheries Boards are committed to pursuing and achieving during the period of this performance contract. It must be noted however, that while it may be possible to achieve these collectively it may not possible to achieve them equally among the Regional Boards. The C&RFBs will continue to identify and pursue other strategic and operational targets/priorities as deemed appropriate by their Boards and the NFME and identified in their respective Business Plans.

Each of the Boards will continue to operate against individual Business Plans objectives and targets which will be the subject of audit by the Department over the term of this contract. 

The Department is committed to the achievement of the following performance targets:

5. Flexibility & Amendment of Targets

6. Communication & Information Sharing

7. Performance Evaluations

8. Partnership & Responsiveness

9. Governance 

10. Role of Boards and Department

Signed: ________________________ Secretary, NFME

Signed: ________________________ Signed: ________________________ Chairperson, NFME Assistant Secretary

Signed: ________________________ Signed: ________________________

Chairman, of the Central Secretary General

Fisheries Board on behalf of

all Fisheries Boards

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