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Accessibility Statement

Standards Compliance

This site complies with the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

All pages are written in XHTML strict and use CSS for visual layout. If your browsing device doesn't understand stylesheets, the content will still be accessible.

Each page uses well-structured semantic markup. For instance, header tags like <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, etc. are used to logically structure the content.

This site contains many features to help users with disabilities navigate easily. These include keyboard shortcuts for all major links and special links to enable users to jump over navigation bars to the next item. These features are described below.

Skip Navigation

To skip over the navigation bars to the main content of the page follow the link marked 'Skip navigation' provided at the start of each page.

Using the Tab Key to jump between links

You can use the tab key on your keyboard to jump from one link to the next. All navigation bars in the site provide a logical order for this.

Zooming in and font sizes

This site makes use of stylesheets that allow for flexible resizing of fonts to meet user requirements. If you find that font sizes are too small simply increase the default font size used in your web browser software (for example, in Internet Explorer font sizes can be changed in the View Menu under 'Text Size'). This feature may not work correctly in all web browsers.

PDF format (.pdf) or Adobe Acrobat format

Some of the information on this website is available in PDF format to provide for easier reading and printing offline. This format is not (except in the case of the latest version, version 5) readily accessible to users with disabilities.

Let us Know

If you encounter any difficulties in using this site please let us know.


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