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Athboy - Tremblestown River


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THE ATHBOY-TREMBLESTOWN RIVER flows in a south easterly direction across Co. Meath for 22 miles passing through Athboy before entering the River Boyne approximately 2 miles upstream of Trim. The high banks on this river can be overcome by wading but it is essential to wear chest waders to fish it effectively. The fishing on this river from Athboy downstream, is controlled by Trim-Athboy and District Angling Association. This river holds a good stock of wild brown trout up to ¾ lbs. in weight with reasonable stocks of larger trout to over 1 lb. The fishing is good from Athboy to the Boyne confluence.

A fine trout for the fly fisher

Location: Co. Meath. The main towns and villages along this river are Crossakeel, Kilskeel, Clonmellon, Athboy, and Kildalkey.

Season : Fishing on this river takes place from April 1st to September 15th.

Fish Species: The Athboy-Tremblestown is a wild brown trout fishery.

Methods: Dry fly, wet fly, and nymph fishing are all successful.

Best Flies: Dry Flies: Grey Duster, Sedges, Black Gnat and Midges.

Wet Flies: Wickhams Fancy, Black Pennell and Greenwells Glory.

Nymphs: Assorted Nymphs

Angling Club: The Trim, Athboy and District Angling Association controls the fishing downstream from Athboy. This association supports a policy of catch and release.

Fishing tip: Try fishing a nymph upstream in the riffles when no trout are showing.

Entomoligical Information: The Tremblestown contains an abundance of fish food in the form of bugs, insects and flies. The most abundant and prolific of these include the following orders.

Order Ephemeroptera (upwing flies)BaetidaeEcdyonuridaeCaenidaeEphemerellidae Plecoptera (stoneflies)Leuctridae Trichoptera (sedges)HydropsychidaeLimnephilidaeRhyacophilidae Diptera (flatwing flies)ChironomidaeSimuliidaeTipulidae Coleoptera (beetles)ElminthidaeHygrobidae Amphipoda (crustations)GammaridaeAsselidae


Permits: Permits for this river are available from:

Gerry Lee, Loman St., Trim, Co., Meath. Tel: (Europe) 00 353 46 9431487.
(U.S.A.) 011 353 46 9431487

The Marketing Angling Co-ordinator E.R.F.B.,

Tel & Fax: (Europe) 00 353 87 2746127. (U.S.A.) 011 353 87 2746127

Guide Services: Marc O'Regan, Crannmor, Dunderry Road, Trim, Co. Meath. Tel: (Europe) 00 353 46 9431635. (U.S.A.) 011 353 46 9431635. email:



The Castle Arch Hotel, Trim, Co. Meath
Tel: (Europe) 00 353 46 9431516, (U.S.A.) 011 353 46 9431516, email:

Guest House:

Brogans Guesthouse, High Street, Trim, Co. Meath. Tel: (Europe) 00 353 46 9431237.

(U.S.A.) 011 353 46 9431237 email:

Bed and Breakfast:

Crannmor B&B, Dunderry Road, Trim, Co. Meath.
Tel: (Europe) 00 353 46 9431635. (U.S.A) 011 353 46 9431635 email:

Highfield House, Maudlins Road, Trim, Co. Meath. Tel: (Europe) 00 353 46 9436386.

(U.S.A) 011 353 46 9436386. email:

Self Catering:

Clonleason Gate Lodge, Fordstown, Navan, Co Meath, Ireland
Tel: (Europe) 00 35346 94 34111 (U.S.A.) 011 353 46 94 3411, Fax: (Europe) 00 353 46 94 34 134
(U.S.A.) 011 46 94 34 134 email:

Kiltale House and Cottage
, Kiltale, Dunsany, Co. Meath.
Tel & Fax: (Europe) 00 353 46 9436679 (U.S.A.) 011 353 46 94 36679. email:

Beechwood Lodge, Holiday Homes, Trim, Co. Meath.
Tel & Fax: (Europe) 00 353 46 9436926 (U.S.A.) 011 353 46 94 36926.


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