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Flyfishing Meath. Salmon and trout fishing in Meath.

Flyfishing in the Boyne Valley. Salmon and trout fishing.

The River Boyne and it's tributaries hold extensive stocks of wild brown trout. There is also well managed trout fishing available on the lakes near Collinstown and Fore at the western end of the fishery. A majority of this game angling in the Boyne is controlled by Angling Associations, with some being maintained by private fishery owners. Anglers wishing to fish for brown trout on an Angling Associations water must obtain a permit from that association and fishing methods must be in accordance with the current rules and regulations of the association. Most associations support a policy of catch and release. The River Boyne also has a run of Atlantic salmon and sea trout. The best salmon and sea trout fishing is during the summer months with July August and September being particularly good.

The Best Wild Brown Trout Angling Centres

The angling centres marked with a star, , are the wild brown trout angling centres recommended by the ERFB for 2007. They are highly recommended as they not only offer good fishing but angler friendly accommodation, guiding services and access.


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Salmon and trout fishing in Meath.

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