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Requirements for the Protection of Fisheries Habitat during Construction and Development Works at River Sites


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The Fisheries Board is charged under the Fisheries Acts with the responsibility to protect and conserve all freshwater fisheries within its area of jurisdiction. Every river, stream, canal, lake, pond and reservoir within this area must be regarded as constituting and/or supporting a Fishery under the meaning of the Acts unless otherwise regarded by the Boards. The fisheries resource is also protected under national and EU legislation. Some notes on the legal protection given to fishery habitats are contained in Appendix I. While general and specifc requirements for the conservation and protection of the fisheries habitat may be set out in the planning conditions under which a project is approved, many issues regarding the timing, management, organisation, and methods of execution of the works inevitably arise during the construction phase. These Guidance Notes are aimed to identify the likely impact on fisheries habitat in the course of construction and development work, and to outline practical measures for the avoidance and mitigation of damage. These guidelines should not be regarded as all-embracing. Each project must be assessed on a case by case basis. It is, therefore, essential to consult with the Board. It may also be necessary to seek professional expert advice. All information contained in these guidelines were up to date at time of print.


Comprehensive use of guidelines resulted in fisheries requirements included in the design. This watercourse supports a healthy population of plants, inverts and fish as a result.


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