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Good Farming Practice

Environmental considerations now play an increasing role in EU agricultural policy. Under the Agenda 2000 agreement, all farmers receiving payments under various direct payment schemes must practice farming in accordance with certain environmental requirements. Accordingly, the Department of Agriculture and Food published a Good Farming Practice (“GFP”) booklet in August 2001 and distributed it to all farmers. Some 130,000 farmers will be subject to GFP in the period 2000-2006.

Compliance with this code is compulsory for farmers participating in the following schemes: -

* Arable Aid
* Disadvantaged Areas Compensatory Allowances Scheme
* Installation Aid Scheme
* Livestock Premia Schemes
* On-Farm Investment Schemes
* Rural Environment Protection Scheme
* Scheme of Early Retirement from Farming (transferees)

The following are the key aspects of Good Farming Practice:

*Nutrient Management
* Grassland Management
* Protection of Watercourses and Wells
* Maintenance of Wildlife Habitats
* Maintenance of External Farm Boundaries
* Careful Use of Pesticides and Chemicals
* Protection of Features of Historical and Archaeological Interest.
* Maintenance of the Visual Appearance of the Farm and Farmyard
* Maintenance on the Farm of Specified Records
* Animal Welfare
* Hygiene
* Non-use of prohibited Substances and responsible use of Animal Remedies
* Knowledge of Good Farming Practice

Good Farming Practice - Summary Booklet (download Adobe Acrobat file - 169 KB)

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