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Strategic Environmental Assessment

The Directive 2001/42/EC on the Assessment of the Effects of Certain Plans and Programmes on the Environment was transposed into Irish law by Regulations SI 435 and SI436 of 2004. These Regulations designate the EPA as one of several Environmental Authorities who must be consulted by Competent Authorities drawing up plans/programmes.

The objective of the Directive is to provide for a high level of protection of the environment and to contribute to the integration of environmental considerations into the preparation and adoption of specified plans and programmes with a view to promoting sustainable development.

Eleven sectors are designated where competent authorities must subject specific plans and programmes to an environmental assessment. This assessment means the preparation of an environmental report, the carrying out of consultations and the taking into account of these consultations in decision making that must then be reported on publicly. Monitoring of the significant environmental effects of the implementation of plans/programmes must be provided. Environmental authorities must (by reason of their specific environmental responsibilities) be consulted by competent authorities (plan/programme makers). In Ireland these are the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government and the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources.

More information on the EPA website.

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